The King's Reformed Presbyterian Church - visit us in beautiful Palm Bay, Florida




The members of our church come from a variety of church backgrounds and from different countries (U.S., Canada and Jamaica). Since our church grew out of the needs of a number of church families who relocated to this part of Florida and are involved in foreign mission work and a significant educational ministry both at home and abroad, we have several ministers who serve as co-pastors. Other families are involved in the lumber business, construction and electronic engineering. We also have families doing home-schooling.

The diverse nature of the church, however, does not obscure the essential unity which we enjoy. We are united around an adherence to the Bible, a commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, and a desire to serve Him and one another.

As a token of our fellowship and love, each communicant member of the congregation has publicly subscribed to a church covenant, pledging himself or herself to walk with the Lord and with each other.

Coming soon will be pictures of our congregation and members.