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Our church is governed by “elders.” As a matter of fact, the very name “presbyterian” comes from a Greek word, presbuteros, which means “elder,” and thus refers to our form of church government. Presbyterianism stands for a representative form of government, in which elders from local churches meet together (such as in regional “presbyteries”) to conduct church business.

Locally, the elders meet on a regular basis as a “Session” (also known as the “congregational presbytery”). The Session exercises authority over the ministry of the local church.

Like all church officers, elders are men approved by the congregation, upon nomination by the Session. Joining the elders in ruling the church is the pastor, sometimes referred to as a “teaching elder.” Deacons are men who have been called to oversee financial and mercy matters.   Several deaconal candidates have been identified and will soon be officially installed in their office.

If you know of a spiritual or physical need which we could help meet, please let us know.